Pam Butler featured in City and Shore Magazine

If the sales center for the soon-to-come Auberge Beach Residences & Spa Fort Lauderdale were a permanent structure, it would be among the nicest homes on your street. It cost the developer a cool $2 million and will be dismantled to make room for an oceanfront pool.

The building on the north end of Fort Lauderdale Beach has an open-concept layout, with gleaming white-washed wood floors in the living area flowing around an island that leads into the kitchen. Along the east wall are windows and sliding doors, and on a late Friday afternoon they offer views of pastel colors cast by a setting sun over a wide swath of blue ocean.

Outside, on the corner of a deck the size of a tennis court, stands someone who has a following akin to a religious leader, a modern-day sage, an expert on meditation and mindfulness, someone who has the ability to turn your dark times into something productive and good.

No, it’s not Deepak Chopra, although he’s present too. We’re talking about Pam Butler, a certified meditation and yoga teacher who has built a local following. She brought Chopra here to speak, and the 50 guests paid $1,200 each for a ticket to the dinner that will follow. Butler takes the mike first.

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