Image credit: "Anxiety Portrait" by kathrinhonestaa on Instagram

Our Thoughts: Many of them are Repetitive. Most are Meaningless.

How many times have you seen someone else’s accomplishments and immediately told yourself that you could never do something like that?

“Oh, I could never sit still long enough to write a whole book.”
“I am too old to become a yoga teacher.”
“I am high-strung, so I couldn’t last a whole week at that retreat, so I’ll just stay home.”

At one time or another, we’ve probably all suffered from limiting self-beliefs—arbitrary ideas and labels about ourselves and the world around us that keep us from evolving. I know, because I once struggled with severe anxiety and depression.

After the death of my father and the traumatic birth of my daughter, which occurred within weeks of one another, I was diagnosed with PTSD, and for a long time, I was too stressed out to leave the house. One of my biggest issues was that my limited self-beliefs kept me trapped in fear. I believed I was too anxious for many everyday activities. I couldn’t escape the sense of doom and dread I had, fearing that another disaster was right around the corner.

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Image credit: “Anxiety Portrait” by kathrinhonestaa on Instagram