Begin with Inner Bliss

If you’ve found your way to this blog, it’s probably because you’ve experienced, or are currently experiencing, some hard times in your life. Maybe you’ve lived through a breakup or an illness, the death of someone close to you, or a period of high stress, anxiety, or debilitating depression. Maybe you’ve even experienced all of the above all at once. Whatever your personal experience may be, this blog is meant to be a place you can turn to for the advice, tools, information, and inspiration you need to get you through it …and more.

If you’re feeling scared, depressed, or frustrated, it’s okay. If you’re searching for peace, you’re in the right place.

I’ve made it through some hard times during my own fifteen-plus year journey, including illness, multiple divorces, the deaths of people close to me, the near-deaths of some others, recurring periods of depression, lots of stress and anxiety, and even a PTSD diagnosis. A friend introduced me to Deepak Chopra, an author, physician and holistic health guru, and the founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing. I found myself at the Chopra Center, where I learned how to use meditation to eliminate my symptoms and heal my emotional state.

The experience changed my life.

I was inspired to share my personal spiritual journey and the power of meditation with others, and became a Certified Chopra Meditation Instructor in Primordial Sound Meditation, which is a healing practice that allows individuals to experience inner calm and deep relaxation. I have also gone on to become an inspirational speaker, a yoga teacher, and a bliss coach who uses a unique combination of body movement and mind practices to help people examine their own responses to stress, as well as learn techniques to shift into a state of balance, wellbeing, and ultimately bliss.

My first book, Return to Life, will be published in 2017 by Hay House Australia.

My friend and mentor Gabrielle Bernstein has been a huge source of support over the last few years. After taking her Spirit Junkie Masterclass, I was inspired to write the book and am excited to share it with you.

Since I became a teacher, I’ve had many students come to me over the years saying they feel the same way—lost and alone without knowing what to do or where to turn. This blog combines my personal story with real-world advice and tools for people to use as their jumping off point, to get started on a new path toward reclaiming their lives and going on to live a life of balance and bliss. I’ll teach you ways to quiet your mind and relax your body to create space for real change, as well as how to live in unshakeable bliss.

If that’s possible for me, then it’s possible for you!

There’s no need to struggle to find happiness in this life. Together we can create a constant state of peace and bliss.

– Pam