11 Wellness Trends To Watch In 2017

A sneak peek of what’s about to blow up on the wellness scene.

Has wellness ever been bigger, broader, or cooler than it was in 2016? From Silicon Valley CEOs to the stars of the silver screen to our grandmas in Milwaukee, innovative approaches to fitness, diet, mindfulness, and the environment have taken root. It’s an exciting time to be alive, with so many ways, new and ancient, to improve ourselves. Plant-based food is moving from the side dish to the entree plate. Meditation is taught in Fortune 500 boardrooms. Starched suits have given way to breathable, bendable workout wear. We’re refocusing our priorities, individually and as a society, and we’re reaching for new tools to help us.

Now 2017 dawns. The new year brings with it fresh approaches to the practices that are defining us. In looking ahead, we’ve spoken with wellness authorities and our top contributors, we’ve read the tea leaves and tarot cards, and we’ve identified 11 trends we’re certain will shape the coming months. Get excited for a new year of living well.

Nutrition Gets Personal

The year 2016 saw one-size-fits-all eating prescriptions take a back seat to individualized nutrition products. In this new year, we expect that trend to continue, with emerging brands taking personalization further than ever. Take a look at Habit, a company that uses clients’ DNA to suggest optimized meals. Founder Neil Grimmer spoke at mbg’s annual revitalize event about the need for differentiated approaches to diet, asking “Do we all need the exact same food, at the exact same time, in the same way? Intuitively you’d say ‘no.’ Some of you were out hiking, some of you were meditating. There are all different sizes, shapes, ages in this room.” Habit gathers the results of at-home health kit and analyzes 60 biomarkers to craft optimized meal plans, which a team of chefs then whips up and delivers to your door. Their business plan was convincing enough to earn a $32 million investment from Campbell Soups.

DNAFit takes a similar approach, using genetic insights to recommend tailored nutrition and fitness advice. DayTwo is using clients’ intestinal microbiome to better ascertain their needs. Care/of, a vitamin startup, uses a broad-reaching questionnaire to curate users’ selections of supplements. “Our mission is to help folks achieve their goals, and those goals are unique, so our packets are, too,” says Care/of CEO Craig Elbert. “We have folks looking for healthier hearts or bones, or improved digestion, greater energy, or lessened stress, and we guide them to make decisions based on their values.”

Not convinced you need your own bespoke plan? A study published this August adds scientific cred to the trend. It found that “personalized nutrition advice helped people to make bigger and more appropriate changes to their diets than the conventional healthy eating advice which was followed by our control group.” That’s enough to make us embrace our individuality.

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