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If you’ve found your way to Return to Life, it’s probably because you’ve experienced some hard times in your life. Maybe you’ve lived through a breakup or an illness; the death of someone close to you; or a period of high stress, anxiety, or debilitating depression. Maybe you’ve experienced all of the above at once. If you’ve ever experienced this kind of brought-you-to-your-knees moment, this book is meant for you.


Everyone has their own story to tell. Some are more traumatic than others, but the larger truth is that everyone has faced hardship. None of us is alone in this. But the darkest of times provide some of the best opportunities to learn, grow, and change our lives for the better.


Pam Butler shares wisdom that can be applied universally, no matter the challenge. Each chapter contains a practical takeaway, forming part of a ‘Bliss Toolbox’: the practices that will help you not only survive difficult times, but use the experiences to bring greater purpose and fulfillment to your life. These include:

  • stop, drop, and breathe
  • mindful journaling
  • meditation
  • exercising your mind muscle

  • gratitude
  • yoga
  • serving others and
  • creating a daily practice

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