If you’re curious about meditation or mindfulness and finding balance in your life, Pam is available to help you, your family, or your group.

Pam offers her expertise and services for:

Kids and Families

Pam helps kids find tools to deal with stress related to school, homework, sports and more. Parents also learn how to support their children, stay calm, and lead by example. Benefits may include: reduced stress and anxiety, more energy, better focus in the classroom, enhanced memory for sports and homework, and more restful sleep.

Corporate Events

Pam helps employees learn tools such as breathing exercises and meditation to cope with office stress. Benefits may include: more productivity, a happier work environment, fewer sick days, and an overall better sense of well-being.

1:1 Clients and Private Events

Pam personalizes stress-reducing plans for individuals and groups seeking to help alleviate anxiety and bring more peace and balance into their lives.

Private Coaching

Pam is able to provide private remote coaching, via Skype. It can be done as an individual single session call, or as a package. Contact Pam for more information.

Group Yoga Workshops

Pam leads groups in a series of easy yoga poses and breathing exercises designed to ground and relax participants while inspiring greater connection to bliss. Participants can then incorporate these teachings into their everyday lives.

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